Wagyu Prime Burger

As a producer of exceptional Wagyu burgers, we recommend you look closer at what we offer – a real treat for meat gourmands.
Recommended by the biggest gourmands of Japanese beef burgers, they contain only wagyu meat, without any additives; delicate and aromatic, with more omega fatty acids than beef from other cattle breeds.
It is characterized by its intense marble structure, which influences its juiciness.

Very juicy Wagyu burgers

Wagyu burgers, with their roots as great as the branded regional meat from the Japanese province of Kobe, are a poetry of flavours and aromas destined for true lovers of good food, seeking not only the classics but being ready to open up to unique and novel taste experiences that their producer guarantees.
Kobe burgers are sure to delight you with their unique features from the best beef.

Logistics tables

Quantity in a package
Quantity in a cardboard box
Cardboard weight
Quantity in a layer
Quantity on a pallet
160g 6 3 2.88 kg 8 120
200g 4 4 3.2 kg 8 120