Prime Burger

Prime Burgers are 100% beef products, with no other additives, aromatic and juicy.
Prime Line is designed for demanding customers, who today expect the highest quality.
Carefully selected beef and gentle treatment during the production processes make Prime Burgers a real culinary feast.

Logistics tables

WeightQuantity in a packageQuantity in a cardboard boxCardboard weightQuantity in a layerQuantity on a pallet
40g18017,20 kg972
45g12126,48 kg972
90g8128,64 kg972
100g8129,6 kg972
113,5g898,172 kg972
130g899,36 kg864
160g61211,52 kg864
160g small box665,76 kg8120
180g644,32 kg8120
200g4129,6 kg864
200g small box464,80 kg8120
227g41210,996 kg864