Hereford Prime Burger

The year 1742 is considered the beginning of the breed.
These cows first appeared in England in the county of Herefordshire.
Red Hereford, as the world’s leading breed of beef, has conquered the Anglo-Saxon world thanks to the popular steakhouses and grill culture.

Today beef gourmands from all over the world appreciate the value of the meat from this breed of cattle.
Especially as it is characterized by its natural tenderness, softness and juiciness, as well as the ease of thermal treatment.

Beef from Red Hereford cattle

Animals pastured on green meadows provide us with perfectly aromatic meat.

Its most important feature is the natural marbled structure and its characteristic white and red colour.
The more that the meat is crossed with white veins, the tastier it is and more it remains juicy after roasting, frying or grilling.

Red Hereford is also a valuable source of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Red Hereford burgers are a true culinary pleasure that will delight even the most demanding of gourmands.

Logistics tables

Quantity in a package
Quantity in a cardboard box
Cardboard weight
Quantity in a layer
Quantity on a pallet
160g 6 3 2.88 kg 8 120
200g 4 4 3.2 kg 8 120