Angus Prime Burger

Angus is known for its fine marbled structure.

This means that the fat is evenly distributed in the muscle layers, which gives unique flavour characteristics to Black Angus burgers.
They are extremely crispy, juicy and aromatic; much more sophisticated than other beef types.
That is why Angus Prime Burger has unique and rare qualities, worthy of the palate of the greatest beef gourmands.

Angus is known for its fine marbled structure

The perfectly balanced fat content gently extracts even more flavour and aroma from the dish.
The Angus Prime Burger is definitely destined for gourmands – crispy, juicy and aromatic.

Logistics tables

Quantity in a package
Quantity in a cardboard box
Cardboard weight
Quantity of cardboards   in a layer
Quantity on a pallet
160g 6 3 2.88 kg 8 120
200g 4 4 3.2 kg 8 120