Which burger is the best?

The taste of a burger is most influenced by the quality of the products used in its preparation as well as by the method of processing.
So how should a perfect burger be prepared?

The most important component of each burger is, of course, the meat.
Traditionally this would be minced beef, from such cuts as loin, rostbef, neck, brisket, silverside or shoulder.
The meat must not be too greasy or too lean.
Optimal fat content in

the beef used to prepare burgers should be 20-30%.
The heat treatment of the meat is also very important.
The burger patty is best prepared without any additional fat on the grill or pan.
The degree of meat cooking depends on the consumer’s preference, but the most classical is the medium-rare.
This kind of patty will be juicy and slightly pink when cut.
More strongly cooked meat is “well done”, and less, for those who prefer bloody cutlets, is “rare”.

Another very important component of a burger is the bun.
The classic Kaiser roll will not be good in this case.
The perfect bun should be soft, fluffy, but compact.
It may be wheat or whole wheat depending on the preference.
Before serving, it should be slightly heated to ensure crispiness.

Sauces play a very important role in burgers.
They give flavour and “integrate” the entire dish.
In a perfect burger, we should not find a “burger sauce” from a 1-litre plastic bottle.
It should, however, include a good quality ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise.
Vegetables are also an important addition to the burger.
In order for a burger to be tasty, they must be fresh, ripe and preferably prepared immediately before consumption.
It’s best to choose seasonal vegetables, as they will give the best taste sensations on our palates.