What to pay attention to when selecting a burger

Many shops and restaurants offer burgers
This is a great option for those who have no time to prepare them on their own.
However, when you choose a finished product, you should pay attention to its quality so you can give your body the best.

The most important component of a burger is the beef patty.
When choosing a finished product, it is worth drawing attention to its composition.
It should contain only beef, without additives of pork, water, dyes, flavours or other “improvers”.
The meat shouldn’t be too lean or too greasy.
The fat content should be 20-30%.
When ordering a burger in a restaurant, it is worth noting how the meat is prepared.
A grill or grill pan is preferable to cook the meat, without any added fat.

Another important part of a burger is the bun.
It should be of good quality, fluffy, but compact, with the simplest composition possible, without dyes and or preservatives.
Wheat bread is most commonly used for burgers, but brown bread or bread with added seeds is also be suitable.
We say a firm “no” to artificial, pumped bread-like products.

Every burger is completed with toppings.
You won’t find ready-made, artificial sauces in a good burger.
Their place should be taken by high-quality ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard, or aromatic sauces prepared by the burger maker.
The vegetables used in the burger should be ripe and fresh, preferably seasonal, as they are distinguished by the best taste and the highest content of valuable nutrients.

When choosing a burger, we consider all the above aspects, so we can be sure to have a great meal, a real feast for the palate.