Unusual burgers

A classic meal that combines a bun with a patty, and nowadays seen in many variations.
Regional extras, black bread and even the replacement of the bun with mushrooms are just some of the combinations we can find in restaurants today.

Burgers with regional extras are gaining popularity, combining a classic of American cuisine with high-quality, tasty products specific to different regions of the world.
Burgers with the addition of rocket, Parma ham and mozzarella should delight anyone who loves Italian cuisine.
Exotic flavours to be found in burgers include avocado and chutney, mango or a slice of pineapple.
For regional burgers, we should include the tastes of

Poland, such as grilled Oscypek cheese and cranberry.

The black burger is a variety of this, with a unique black colour to the bun.
This colour is obtained by colouring the bun with sepia, a black-brown pigment found in the ink sac of the cuttlefish.
Although the first such burgers appeared in Japan, today we can also try them in Polish restaurants.

It is also possible to make a burger without… a bun.
Portobello mushrooms can be used instead of a bun, sometimes referred to as grill mushrooms in the markets.
Due to their large diameter, they resemble bun halves and can be used as a substitute.

In addition to the classic beef burgers, we now have a choice of burgers from other types of meat – pork, poultry and even fish.
Vegetarian and vegan burgers also deserve special attention.
In the former the meat

is successfully replaced with an egg cutlet or cheese (e.g. breaded Camembert or grilled Halloumi).
In vegan burgers, the patties are prepared
from grain, legumes, yams, pumpkins, oyster mushrooms and even seitan, which is a food product obtained from wheat gluten.

Although traditional, classic burgers are not losing their popularity, people still compete in thinking up new variants.
It’s worth taking advantage of the wide selection to discover new flavours and try out unique combinations.