The strangest burgers

Burgers are an option that millions of people love worldwide.
For decades, there have been many variants.
Some of them surprise us with their inventiveness, while others are shocking.
Here are some of the most bizarre sandwiches that have been created so far.

Atypical meat.
Apart from all well-known types of meat, such as poultry, beef, veal, lamb, a burger can also be prepared using meat from other animals.
An unusual, but not yet so strange idea, is to use game meat for this purpose.
More controversy is caused by ostrich or kangaroo burgers.

Black burgers.
Fortunately, this unusually looking dish owes its colour to fully natural ingredients – squid ink and bamboo charcoal.
However, it must be said that the black buns look impressive on a plate.

Insect burgers.
While insects are a rich source of protein and their consumption is not unusual in Asia,
the idea of preparing a burger patty from them seems quite unusual.
These can are already available in several European cities, but we need to wait a little longer to try the “Bug Burger” in Poland.

A donut burger, which is something for people who can never decide between sweet or salty.
The burger is of course made of beef, vegetables, sauces, but donuts are used instead of the bun – American ones with a hole, which are coated with sweet icing.

Although there are hundreds of combinations of burgers, this dish will continue to surprise with atypical ingredients. These unusual choices will certainly not appeal to everyone, but they have new fans among people hungry for culinary experience. And have you had an opportunity to taste this type of burger? If not, we recommend you to experiment…. it may be worth starting with a slightly unusual Lamb Prime burger.