Side dishes for burgers

In a restaurant, we often choose different sides to go with our burger, which make it taste even better.

A classic burger side is obviously French fries.
This is one of the most well-known choices in restaurants.
In order to introduce some diversity, you can prepare sweet potato chips, which have become popular in Poland in recent years.
Avoid deep-fat frying the chips and instead bake them in an oven with herbs and oil.
Instead of the classic shape of French fries, you can prepare wedges or chips.

Another popular side dish are various kinds of salads, including fresh salads.
It’s a great way to introduce more vegetables to your meal.
An ideal solution is a salad with fresh vegetables based on lettuce, with addition of fresh vegetables and olive oil, or a vegetable salad using grated carrot.
Salads with mayonnaise are not recommended as they significantly increase the calorie content of the meal.

We can often find various dips as sides for a burger, whether spicy or soft, or often sweet and fruit-based.
Among the popular dips is ajvar, which is a slightly spicy paste made from baked pepper and aubergine, and tzatziki, a sauce based on Greek yogurt with garlic and a fresh cucumber.
The most unusual are chutney-type dips, Indian fruit-based sauces.

Onion rings in batter are also a well-known side dish.
However, they are fried in deep fat, which makes them a highly calorific side.
A much healthier and equally tasty side dish is raw vegetables sticks, such as carrots or celery.
Various marinated mushrooms and vegetables, such as beetroot, cauliflower and courgettes, can also be an interesting addition.
These sides are great for different kinds of sauces we mentioned in the previous article, e.g. peanut butter in combination with spicy peppers, curry, pepper and lime juice, which goes perfectly with a Prime Burger.
Try them out!!!