Seafood burgers

There are many ways to create a burger: from classic beef, to poultry, to vegetarian and vegan.
Therefore, combining a burger with seafood is nothing surprising today.
These choices have specific nutritional values – in addition to a full protein, they also provide health-critical omega 3 long-chain fatty acids: EPA and DHA.

The Fishburger is the most classic combination of seafood and a burger.
A patty for such a burger is prepared by frying a breaded fish fillet, e.g. hake, cod or perch.
You can also form patties out of minced meat, e.g.
salmon, bream or carp, and then grill or bake them in the oven.

We can use many more types of seafood to prepare burgers.
The most common are shrimps, grilled or fried in tempura, and they are also perfect to prepare a patty.
The use of squid or octopus may also be an interesting idea for anyone who loves sea flavours.
It is worth mentioning that shrimp and squid don’t need to replace the beef patty, they can be added to the whole burger, and the combination of two types of meat ensures an interesting taste experience.

Algae are a good idea for addition to a burger, and such a combination should satisfy you if you love sushi lovers, and additionally are an important source of EPA and DHA fatty acids for vegetarian and vegan.

Seafood is also used to prepare “Black burgers”, served in a black bun that owes its unconventional colour to the ink obtained from the cuttlefish.

If you want to increase the protein content of your meal, these kinds of toppings will work well in every Primer Burger 😉