Prime Burger Products

We present our range of Premium Burgers, made with great care and diligence.
Our Burgers are made for the consumer and their high requirements.
For this reason, Prime Burger products contain 100% meat, without any additives, flavour enhancers or unhealthy fillers.

Our carefully selected meat is of the highest quality, while our innovative production processes make our burgers the quintessence of taste and quality.

In our range

you will find unique burgers from Lamb, Angus, Red Hereford and Wagyu. These are top quality frozen products for demanding customers.
Our products are intended for chefs and the best restaurants and burger places.

We do not buy random meat, as we have a contract for meat straight from Australia.
We have the most modern burger production line in Poland, and we control every stage of production in detail.
This creates truly unique burgers having repeatable parameters that no one can make by hand because there are no suitable tools for this.
The constant content of fat, protein and, above all, the highest quality meat make the perfect flavour composition!

“We continue to strive to achieve this because we know that a hamburger is based on meat, and that it should be the best!

today’s consumer is a conscious person.
He or she wants to explore and be a part of a culinary, world journey.
Therefore, a regular Burger from a classic yet undefined breed of beef is no longer a cause for sighs.
Today we want to taste Angus, Red Hereford, Limousine or Japanese Kobe, to enjoy the delicacy of taste.

We have a variety of weights for both large and small consumers

Our Prime Burgers start from 40 g to the medium ones at 100 g, 160 g and the biggest of up to 226 g
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