Lettuce for burgers

The classic ingredient for burgers, in addition to the patty and bun, is a piece of green, crispy lettuce.
This is a source of fibre, including vitamins of group B, C and A. They also contain mineral substances such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.
The darker the leaf colour, the higher the amount of valuable nutrients.
Moreover, due to the high water content of the lettuce, it is low-calorie, with 1 lettuce leaf delivering only 1 kcal.
Lettuce comes in many varieties, each with its own specific characteristics and can give the burger a unique character.

Butterhead lettuce – this variety has soft leaves, is very delicate, does not like high temperatures, and is susceptible to damage.
It has a sweet taste.
It has a high content of vitamins and minerals.
Iceberg lettuce – cousin of the butterhead lettuce, has crispy leaves, is more durable and better withstands storage.
However, it is much less nutritious than its predecessor.
Curly lettuce – named for its leaves of irregular, frayed edges, comes in two varieties – green and red.
It is crispy and springy, but has a delicate taste. It will also give a burger an impressive look.
Romaine lettuce has distinctive, long leaves.
It is brittle, juicy and quite durable.
The outer leaves have a slightly bitter but nutty taste, while the inner leaves have a sweet and delicate taste. An alternative to classic salads is corn salad, a fine salad with delicate and juicy leaves and a sweet taste.
It is particularly rich in potassium and vitamin C. Rocket, which is a delicate lettuce with long, thin leaves, will also fit as an addition to a burger.
It has expressive taste, slightly bitter and spicy.

Spinach, especially its young, delicate and crispy leaves, can also be an interesting alternative to lettuce in a burger.
It is as low-calorie as lettuce, at the same time rich in iron and potassium as well as in vitamins A and K, and is ideal for Wagryu Prime Burger.