How to prepare a “fit” burger

Although many people still associate the burger with unhealthy fast food, it is now served by the best restaurants in the world.
Moreover, a properly prepared burger can be a healthy, nutritious meal.
It does not have to be a
calorie bomb, as people who watch their figure can easily reach for a burger.
However, in order for the burger to be called “fit”, one has to pay attention to its ingredients.

The meat used in classic burgers is beef with a fat content between 20 and 30%.
However, if we want to make a less caloric version, it is worth reaching for lamb with a lower fat content.
The heat treatment of meat is also very important.
The best method is to grill without the addition of oil, as all our Prime Burgers are prepared, thanks to which we get a patty without excess fat and therefore extra calories.

An important part of the burger is the bread.
If you want to provide your body with as many nutrients as possible, it is best to choose a wholemeal bread with grains, a source of fibre and group B vitamins

In order for the burger to be really “fit”, it is necessary to add fresh vegetables.
Apart from a slice of tomato and a leaf of lettuce, you can add grilled aubergines, courgette and pepper, marinated beetroot, radish and spinach leaves.
A good addition to a healthy sandwich is Brussels sprouts, a source of protein and vitamins, or avocados, rich in healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

A very important part of a burger is in the choice of sauces, which if poorly chosen can destroy all the efforts made to prepare a healthy result.
Above all, they should be of good quality, without unnecessary additives and taste enhancers.
What is more, you can choose sauces with less calories, such as ketchup and mustard with no added sugar, or sauces based on natural yogurt, and reduce the addition of greasy sauces and mayonnaise.