Fruit toppings for burgers

While the classic burger toppings are mainly vegetables, burger with fruit can form an interesting option for those who want to discover new flavours.
Not only do they provide vitamins and minerals, but also give a sweet-sour taste, or even spiciness seasoned with fruity sweetness.

The best-known fruits for meat are cranberry and blueberry.
They make fruit jams that are great for beef burgers, but not only.
They will also suit vegetarian burgers, where the beef patty can be replaced by breaded Camembert cheese.
Another fruit that goes well with a burger is pineapple
You can add a grilled slice to the burger, as a juicy and refreshing addition.
We can also use pineapple to prepare chutney, a dense sauce from Indian cuisine, in different variants, even a spicy one.
We can use mango to prepare chutney, both in a soft and spicy variants, to give the burger a slightly exotic character, as well as Polish strawberries.
When it comes to seasonal fruits, raspberries, whether in the form of a sweet or spicy sauce with an addition of chili or caramelized pears, are also suitable for burgers.
Another fruit that can be added to a burger is melon.
This fruit can be grilled for a few minutes and then placed inside the burger, together with balsamic vinegar.

Avocado is also a great topping in a burger, at the same time being a source of healthy fatty acids.
This fruit can be used to grease the bun, we can also cut it in slices and put inside the bun, while guacamole from avocado, chili and lime juice form be a delicious, spicy dip.
So if you want to increase the good fatty acids in your meal, we encourage you to create a Wagryu Prime Burger with this fruit.