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Burger sauces and dips

Sauces, although usually added as the last element of a burger, they form a very important part of it.
They give a unique taste and hold the meal together.
The choice of sauce can completely change the nature of a burger, giving it a hellish jalapeño spiciness or an exotic mango sweetness.
So which burger sauce should we choose?

The selection of burger sauces is really wide.
For the lovers of the classic, the best might be the classic trio: ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard, individually or mixed together.
BBQ and thousand islands dressings are also popular, combining classics with various extras.
If you want to make your burger spicy, it is best to use a sauce with the addition of chili, pepperoni, habanero or jalapeño pepper.
It’s also possible to use horseradish.
You can use mango, pineapple or raspberries to add a sweet, fruity aftertaste to the burgers.
Just blend the fruits until smooth and cook until it forms a thick sauce.
They can also be used to prepare chutney, a sauce from Indian cuisine, with the addition of wine vinegar and spices.
Fruit sauces can also be prepared in a spicy version.

Yogurt-based sauces are a perfect fit for a healthy burger, such as garlic sauce – simply mix natural yogurt with pressed garlic, or use tzatziki, which is Greek yogurt with garlic and cucumber.
We can prepare home-made pesto from basil, dried tomatoes and even spicy pesto from rocket.
As a burger dip, you can also use guacamole from avocado or ajvar prepared from grilled bell pepper.

For those who want to experiment and discover new tastes, it can be worth trying a burger with humus, peanut butter or tahini, sesame paste.

The selection of burger sauces is vast and not limited to ketchup.
What’s more, you can mix sauces together in order to create your own favourite combination.
Do you want to experiment with sauces?
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